What is my IP

What is IP ? IP address is abbreviation for Internet Protocol address.
It is used to identify various devices on the network. An IP address is always unique and is used for device communication on the network.

Types of IP : IP addresses can be static or dynamic.
– Static address is always the same for certain device.
– Dynamic address is often used by internet service providers for home users and it can change everytime the device is being restarted.

Webcam Ip or IP camera is product like CCTV, it is for surveillance, security purpose or internet cameras from around the world. The different point is IP camera is already IP data based and does not need a DVR to operate.
IP camera is a networked digital video camera that transmits data over a Fast Ethernet link. IP cameras (also called “network cameras” or “networked surveillance camera”) are most often used for IP surveillance and digitized and networked version of closed-circuit television (CCTV).

This enables stand alone operation and added with many other features, like, wifi enable, audio enable, Pan/Tilt/Zoom direction control enable, web server enable and etc… You can easily add or remove cameras from your network and change location (under your router WIFI coverage). Most common usage for IP camera are:

webcam-ip– Home surveillance
– Security reason bundled with Alarm system
– Live Webcams all around the world
– Babies / Maids / Pets monitoring
– Part of Smart Home system
– Shops surveillance


The difference between an IP camera and a web camera, the webcam is connected to a PC, normally through USB, and uses the PC to make video available to the network and other viewers. It will not work properly without a PC connected between the camera and the network. An IP camera on the other hand is a stand alone device and combines the functionality of a high-end webcam, the PC and network interface into one network-ready product.

The avantages, a network cameras are added to the existing IP network with out any additional infrastructure, Network Video Solutions are becoming the most viable choice for all. Software being its most critical component, the option for customization and the neighbourhood access to its developers helps customers to freeze OneView as their automatic choice for Network Video Surveillance solutions. We have the privilege of implementing the IP Video Surveillance solutions for the first time in most of the market segments in India and carry the wealth of experience in deploying the solution during this transition.

Save video from the IP camera, you can record the video at remote / local by using the software supplied or Webcam Record website. The ability to record the video at remote site is a major advantage of IP camera over traditional analog camera.

Choose a best wireless IP webcamera, every day new innovations are created for providing home security or live webcam views around the world. If a home is equipped with a wireless network for connecting computers and appliances, one or more of these cameras will be a breeze to bring into the system. However, there are many different levels of camera models available, making choosing the best wireless IP camera a matter of what is expected of it. Go to Webcam Market and select the one you need.